Saturday, June 29, 2013


So this blog is talking about the game "train-wreck". It is a mixer game meaning it is a game intended on helping people get to know one-another. If you have never played here is an article explaining how to play. The explaination is on page 1:

Ice Breakers

It has several different names like when I played a few nights ago it was call "never have I ever".

I have a few pet-peeves about this game. The biggest one is when people play and they don't use chairs they sit on the ground because it is difficult to figure out where the empty spots are. I also don't like those people that just try and slide over one spot.

Train-wreck is a fun game. I think this is the first time on here I have talked about ice breaker games so I just want to say ice breakers are awesome! You should play them all of the time, in school, at work, at family get-togethers, at church, est. I am offering bonus points today to anyone who will get a group of total strangers to play "train-wreck with them".

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